There are many taxes an entrepreneur can claim back which the HMRC do not freely publicise, so there may be £1000’s – £1,000,000’s you are entitled to in tax breaks that perhaps you or and often your accountant cannot even access.

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Commercial Property Owners:

As a commercial property owner you may be eligible for serious reclaim called ‘Embedded Capital Allowance’

‘Property Embedded Fixtures & Features’ (PEFFs) are a specialist element of the well-known subject of ‘Capital Allowances’.

A Capital Allowance being a taxable benefit against expenditure on ‘Plant & Machinery’ for the purpose of the trade. As a matter of course, Accountants identify ‘MOVABLE’ items which qualify for Capital Allowances. These movable items include; desks, chairs, computers, cars etc.

However, Accountants in most, if not all occasions are unaware of the qualifying Integral Fixtures & Features embedded within the property that is essential for a business to carry out its trade.

This leaves an enormous wealth of unclaimed qualifying ‘IMMOVABLE’ items on which Capital Allowances can be claimed, such as lifts, heating systems, security systems, sanitary systems, kitchens, etc., These items which were either inherent within the property at the time of acquisition or that have been subsequently installed.

Why are these items missed?

Until the Accountant, owner or leaseholder instigates the process of identification i.e. a ROOM BY ROOM SURVEY with the appropriate costing of these qualifying items, they will remain unclaimed and a potential substantial benefit to the Client will remain hidden.

Who can claim the benefit?

The tax benefit is available to the party that incurred the relevant expenditure or purchased the property i.e. an Individual, a Company, Partnership, etc.

Theatre Producers and Companies:

Theatre Tax Relief (TTR)

TTR is available from 1 September 2014. Your company can claim TTR if:

  • It’s a theatrical production company
  • It puts on a qualifying theatrical production
  • The primary focus is to play before a live audience of paying members of the general public, or the production is for educational purposes
  • It has a minimum 25% EEA expenditure

There’s no need for a cultural test.

The relief has 2 rates of payable credit: 25% for touring productions, and 20% for others.

Corperate Investors:

The Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) provides investors who subscribe for equity in a company conducting qualifying trade generous tax benefits.

The Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) is designed to help small, early-stage companies to raise equity finance by offering a range of tax reliefs to individual investors who subscribe for new shares in those companies.


R & D Tax rebates

We can help and advise you on any of the above a potentially facilitate a large windfall back to you in the shape of a tax rebate or tax credit……….

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