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I’ve developed many businesses over the years, encountered many if not all of the major hiccups and challenges along the way, and understand how it feels to be right at the beginning or be in business looking for a new one.While I can’t do the work for you, what I will guarantee is that the advice I will give is you is solid, tried and tested business advice, profit and stability driven, and with the right balance of ambition and realism.

I can work with individuals – from those at the start-up stage to MDs and CEOs – to groups – from new entrepreneur workshops to boardroom and team development sessions.I also have a wealth of contacts and a network of experts in their field for you to tap into should the need arise.

Schools and colleges can also benefit from my know-how and budding entrepreneurs of the future can be catered for in fun, organised groups for young people.

If you feel you don’t quite fit into one of the models below, contact me and we can tailor the right package for you.

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Start-Up Mentoring

‘Six months to success’
Designed for the new entrepreneurs. Firstly I’ll look at your concept (confidentially agreements can be signed) and do a short feasibility study. I’ll then offer help and guidance around setting up the company, business bank accounts, tax registration, websites, company visibility and then we will explore where and how to market the business

We will then move on to developing an operations manual detailing how your business will run from day to day, looking at possible problems and how you will go about solving them. We will also develop a business plan and a 5 year strategy, so from day one your entrepreneurial journey is mapped out ahead of you.

What’s Included?

  • Initial 2 hour chemistry session
  • 1hour monthly online meetings for 6 months
  • Weekly email support
  • A round up report from you to me each week

£149 per month

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This is a half day session

This is a 4 hour session often used at the outset of a business venture and then revisited monthly, quarterly or even yearly. We sit together in a group with some or all of your key employees and collectively look at ways the business can be improved in terms of streamlining and efficiency, along with exploring other markets and up-selling opportunities. All in order to increase your profits and reduce your costs, while building and expanding your brand as a whole.

I will encourage you and your staff to think outside-the-box to ensure your company not only becomes a slick and efficient machine but we will also explore ways of exploiting other markets, which your competitors may never have dreamt of!

£499 half day / £899 whole day

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Next Generation

I also offer school seminars generally running from a minimum of 1 hour 20 minutes up to half day sessions. We take an in-depth look at how young people can start a business part-time while at school or full-time once they have left.

I’ll put the students into groups and give them various tasks and problems to solve as a team or as individuals simulating the life of an entrepreneur. The course will also look at how to set up your own company and goes on to explore the various pitfalls and how to avoid them. Together we then look at simple marketing and PR strategies, encouraging the students to think outside-the-box to ensure their product or service becomes much more visible than their competitors.

Finally we have an open Q & A period along with a quiz to test the students’ entrepreneurial acumen. There is time set aside after the seminars for the students to come up and speak with us with regard to any idea they may have had if they would like our feedback or advice.

Price based on workshop designed.

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