An Entrepreneurial Journey

We’re all a start-up at some point but all great things have start somewhere. If you’re only at the beginning of your entrepreneurial journey, have a look at mine for unpredictability! If you’re further down the line, the twists and turns probably resonate with your story as you’ve juggled business, life and new ideas over the years too.

My journey started early.

Age 12: Business number one, making and selling garden ornaments.

Age 18: A desktop publishing company with a lifelong friend.

Age 21: Graduating with a BSC Hons in building surveying, the property game began.

Age 26: A property portfolio acquired with a value of over £3 million

On the 26th August 1999, moving in a new direction, I launched the Pyramid Group of companies starting with Pyramid Productions Ltd with which was to tour local schools performing pantomimes for children aged 3-11. This started with 30 performances in the first year and now performs to over 750 venues in December alone.

While building the Pyramid Group I was also working on a pop and TV career touring around the world in the boy band Impact, and appearing on TV shows such as East Enders, The Bill, and Casualty. All while modelling for Armani, Ralph Lauren and Top Man.

Age 29:I had to face one of the biggest challenges in my life. While out in Marbella I ate a steak which unbeknown to me was loaded with Botulism poisoning. Within days I was in intensive care with a tracheotomy fighting for my life; the first case of botulism poisoning in forty years. With further complications I wasn’t expected to survive and spent 6 months in hospital completely paralysed head to toe.

I never gave up and through sheer determination and commitment made an almost full recovery, although I’m no longer able to smell or taste! And yes, I’m now very careful about what I eat.

Now: Fast forward to me now, and I’m proud to say I’m director of 15 companies, many of which are part of the Pyramid Group.

Currently I am building a chain of children’s centres, something I am extremely proud of. As the name suggest the centres provide everything you need for young children’s recreation and socialisation ‘Under1Roof’. With two in operation and more to come watch this space!

Pyramid Martial Arts clubs franchises are now well into double figures and rising, spreading across the UK. I still keep my hand in and teach the odd class! And my initial success with Pyramid Group and the Pyramid Pantomines continues to go from strength to strength.

Notably Pyramid Productions is now the market leader in children’s touring pantomimes and tours all year round, covering every corner of the U.K, and employs over 100 people.

What drives me? I really enjoy business. My hard work and determination has paid off and I now enjoy days in the office working alongside my team who look after the Pyramid Group, constantly coming up with new and exciting ideas for business every day. Too many ideas somedays!

Which is where I want to make my offer to others. I love the creation stage. If you’re sitting with a new idea – or with a business in need of some new ones – my programmes are designed to take you from where you are now to where you want to be; financially in your market and, most importantly, getting you thriving and enjoying your business life. My experience means I can answer most issues, I’ve probably faced them myself many times